Why is Evangelizing Important for Christians?

Evangelizing is the act of preaching the good news of Jesus Christ to the masses. The focal point behind evangelizing is to spread the gospel to reach out to the people. Through evangelism, Christians contribute to the role played by Jesus in inviting humankind to the kingdom of God. The last commandment Jesus gave his disciples is to preach to the masses starting from their hometown to other nations. The command is commonly termed as the great commission. Thereby, as a believer in Christ, Christians are obliged to pass the message of evangelism to people across the world.


To share the good news of salvation

Evangelism is important to Christians as it is centered on sharing the great news of salvation, grace and compassion. The lack of the key factors in evangelism would translate into the loss of optimism, lack of a savior and the human race would have to suffer the repercussions of sin which is death. The key entities of evangelism are reaching out to the people as mandated by Jesus Christ.


As per the Christian beliefs, God sent his only begotten son so that anyone who believes in him shall not die but have eternal life. Therefore, God does not have the will to let anyone perish. God wishes that the good news of Christ be shared across the human race. The objective is to make people gain the knowledge of salvation and develop a good rapport with the Almighty through his son Jesus Christ. As a Christian, it is a personal goal to preach the word of God to fulfill His wish.


A mandate by the savior


Christians were mandated by Jesus to evangelize as they serve as the apostles of Christ. The bible being the guiding book calls Christians to play a role in evangelism making it crucial. The clergy cannot perform all the evangelistic work. Consequently, as a Christian, it is a personal responsibility. The only way of letting the people know about the good news of salvation is through preaching. Every Christian’s desire should be to see a large number of people sharing and knowing about Jesus Christ and the kingdom He came to establish on earth. As the bible says, people will only hear when there is a preacher.


In conclusion, evangelism is paramount for everybody of Christian faith as it is a means of inviting everyone to share in the kingdom of God. It is a mandate from the savior to advocate for salvation and eternal life which is freely offered by the mission of Jesus Christ. Evangelism helps in the continuation of Jesus’ mission on earth. Jesus communicated the message of repentance and sacrificed his life to wash the sins of the world and give humans a chance in eternal life.


Evangelizing is crucial as it aids people to repent their sins, change their ways, and live for Christ rather than live for their aspect. Evangelism helps share the message of repentance to the sinners as an invitation to the kingdom of God. The grace of God saved Christians and not the good they hold. The work of Christ is the savior of Christians. The work of Christ focuses on the grace of God which is open to everybody despite their sinful nature.